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Creator/Host of Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast // @DataSciGuide @DataSciLearning @NewDataSciJobs // Personal acct: @paix120 // Data Scientist at @HelioCampus

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Eduardo Moscatelli
Co-founder & UI/UX Designer at I'm mainly interested in deep learning, especially applied to computer vision.
Matthew King
R, GIS, ecology, conservation. Wildlife Specialist @ Arizona Natural Heritage Program (HDMS)
Jeremy Chrystman
Visualizing the future of connected human experience @DataStoryMe #startup #dataviz #richdata. Alumni @uWaterloo @CIHI_ICIS #mhealth. #austin #SXSW #love
Mariana Oliveira
there's more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. analytical lead @ google. tweets are my own.