Alexandre Zapolsky
Fondateur/PDG de LINAGORA, éditeur de Logiciels Libres (OpenPaas, OBM, LinShare, linID, linPKI)

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Pascal Allouard
Application Modernization program manager for AXA
Charles Liebert
''Being Happy, Doesn't mean that everything is perfect... it means that You've decided to look beyond imperfections'' #InnovationStrategist #KinnernetEurope
Jean Rognetta
Editor in chief, Forbes France; Founder and president, @PMEFinance; passionate about everything tech & finance; opinions and tweets my eclectic own.
AlMansour Belleh Blanco
I do stuff, mostly programming or playing games.
Tuleap Agile & Libre
The 100% Libre & Open Source platform for Agile Management and Software Development. Scrum. Kanban. DevOps. Git. Gerrit. Jenkins. IssueTracker. ALM. Forge.